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The section below will help you understand all insurance requirements and help you quickly find an insurance broker/company.

To quickly find and insurance broker/company, follow this link.

What you need to know

There are 3 types of insurance;

  • third party
  • third party fire and theft
  • fully comprehensive

You must have at least third party insurance to ride a motorcycle and it is your responsibility to ensure you are properly covered.

Third Party is the cheapest as you are only covered for injuries or damage you do to others or their property.

Fire and Theft covers your bike being set on fire or stolen (along with cover for third parties).

Fully Comprehensive, the most expensive, covers repairs to your bike after an accident even if no other parties were involved. You are, however, likely to have to pay an excess, the amount you have to pay towards the cost of repair.

You can sometimes arrange insurance through your local dealer, or failing this an insurance agent, broker or insurer direct. There are many advertised in the back pages of popular bike magazines. Make sure you read the small print and don't assume you're covered for everything (e.g. riding abroad). If in doubt, phone whomever you arranged your policy with.

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