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Congestion charge

What is the congestion charge?

Well, for those who don't know, it's a scheme that charges motorists on a daily basis if they enter central London. It is seen as the only way to reduce traffic congestion as improving the roads simply invites more traffic in.

First and foremost, the good news is that motorcycles and mopeds are exempt !! Cars, vans etc initially had to pay £5 a day which was recently increased to an eye-watering £8 a day!

As bikes are exmpt this should be great news for us as not only should there be less traffic on the roads, thus speeding up our journeys, but public transport will be even worse as those effectively kicked out of their cars will be taking the trains, tubes and buses.

However, the downside is that as more people have seen the light and converted to two wheels, central London bike parks have become all but impossible to park in except for those riders getting there extremely early.

Congestion charge background:

News: 17 February 2003

That's it - the London Congestion Charge has now arrived!

News: 4 November 2002

You'll have heard the ads on the radio about the Congestion Charge - now there's an official Congestion Charge website at

News: 9 September 2002

The congestion charge will go ahead from February 17 2003. from then, between 7am and 6:30pm Monday to Friday, motorists will have to pay £5 to enter central London.

Bikes are exempt - hooray !

News: 31 July 2002

Today it was announced that Mayor Livingstone's plan to impose a £5-a-day charge to drive into central London will go-ahead.

We think this has go to be good news for bikers and scooter riders as the streets are going to be quieter, we can leave for work later so have longer in bed in the morning!

But it is all good news? will the charge encourage more people onto 2 wheels thus making it even harder to park in town ?


There's no need to give full details on this site as they can be found here.

See a map of the zone as a PDF

And here's a list of exemptions.


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Smooth start for congestion charge

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